Our Practitioners

Fred Kjorlien

Fred Kjorlien, American Board Certified Prosthetist

O&P Specialty:
Prosthetic, Veteran patient care

1972: Prosthetic Practitioner, Northwestern University of Illinois, Chicago, IL

Born in Morris, MN and raised in Perham, MN, Fred became interested in the field of Prosthetics when he became an amputee from the Vietnam War. Fred joined Great Steps in 2006 bringing with him over 25 years of prosthetic proficiency. In addition to taking classes for the most recent prosthetic devices, Fred's personal experience of being an amputee places him in a unique position to provide encouragement to others. Fred's area of expertise involves creating special designer sockets using printed fabric. Fred makes colorful and unique sockets that express the personal interests of the patient. Some of Fred's designs include an eagle, the American flag, team logos, flames, camouflage and airbrushed pictures. These designer sockets are a work of art.

Fred enjoys hunting and working on projects around his lake home.