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Cranial Remolding Helmets

Cranial remolding orthosis (CRO or helmets) are used for the treatment of plagiocephaly. Plagiocephaly refers to a misshapen (asymmetrical) shape of the head. They are made with a hard outer shell and a foam lining with a side Velcro closure. Gentle, persistent pressure is applied to capture the natural growth of an infant's head, preventing growth in the prominent areas and encouraging growth in the flat regions. The helmet essentially provides a tight, round space for the head to grow into.

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  10. Fitting the Helmet

RODIN 4D Scanner-Cad System

FDA Approved Scanning Technology

RODIN 4D Scanner-Cad System

Advances in scanning technology have provided Orthotists with an efficient and effective tool for acquiring accurate head shape data for cranial remolding orthoses. This scanner represents a quantum leap in orthotic and prosthetic technology. It eliminates the casting process normally required to fabricate a custom-molded cranial remolding orthosis by scanning the infantís head in less than five minutes using a combination of lasers and cameras. The Orthotist can now measure the progression of therapy and substantiate the efficacy of cranial remolding orthoses with computerized pre and post treatment documentation --- a significant competitive advantage to quantify positive clinical outcomes to physicians, therapists, caregivers and insurance companies.

Great Steps practitioners are now also capturing molds of patients with the scanner for the fabrication of spinal and leg braces as well!

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