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Below are some of the most common health issues.
This information includes risks, tips, explanations and prevention tips for patients and caregivers.

Cerebral Palsy


Spinal Cord Injury

Vascular Diseases


Muscular Dystrophy


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Amputee Resources

Organizations, publications and other sites serving consumers.

Journals and publications for professionals and consumers


  • Academy – American Academy of Orthotists & Prosthetists
  • ABC – American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics
  • ACA – Amputee Coalition of America
  • ACPOC – The Association of Children’s Prosthetic-Orthotic Clinics
  • Adopt-A-Minefield – Raising awareness and funds to clear landmines and help survivors
  • AOPA – American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association
  • BAPO – British Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists
  • BARR – Barr/United Amputee Assistance Fund
  • BOC – Board for Orthotist/Prosthetist Certification
  • CAPO – Canadian Association of Prosthetists & Orthotists
  • COPA – California Orthotics & Prosthetics Association
  • DSUSA – Disabled Sports USA
  • FAOP – Florida Association of Orthotists & Prosthetists
  • Interbor – International dome association of national O&P trade associations
  • Limbless Association – Information for Amputees in the UK
  • NAAOP – National Association for the Advancement of Orthotics and Prosthetics
  • NCOPE – National Commission on Orthotic and Prosthetic Education
  • NPOLF – National P&O Licensing Fund
  • OPAF – Orthotic and Prosthetic Assistance Fund
  • PFA – Pedorthic Footwear Association
  • POF – Prosthetics Outreach Foundation
  • SMOPAC – Sociedad Mexicana de Ortesistas y Protesistas
  • US ISPO – United States Member Society of the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics

Research being done in the O&P field

  • Residency Site Directors Perceptions and Expectations
    O & P residency site managers have undertaken an immense job to provide the bulk of clinical training for O & P graduates preparing to sit for the ABC certifying exam. In an effort to understand the complex needs of residency training from a site manager’s perspective, a survey of all 197 NCOPE accredited residency sites will examine site director’s attitudes towards, and expectations of, incoming residents.
  • Prosthetic Research Study
    The mission of Prosthetics Research Study is to improve care for people who have experienced or are at risk of limb loss. A multi-disciplinary team conducts research on strategies for limb preservation, surgery, wound healing, prosthetics, and amputee rehabilitation.
  • Rehabilitation Engineering and Prosthetics Orthotics Center
    The Prosthetics Research Laboratory and the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Program are dedicated to the improvement of prostheses and orthoses, to the improved fitting and manufacturing processes for prosthesis/orthosis systems, and to the improved basic understanding of human interactions with these systems. The research, applied and technical in nature, is conducted in a medical environment that fosters direct clinical interactions and applications.
  • The Center for International Rehabilitation (CIR)
    CIR is a not-for-profit organization developing technologies and programs to help people with disabilities worldwide reach their full potential. Based in Chicago, the CIR operates in collaboration with the world-renowned Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) and Northwestern University Prosthetic Orthotic Center (NUPOC).


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