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The proper footwear is essential for people with diabetes as the disease can cause circulation problems, infection, foot ulcers, and nerve damage. Diabetic footwear is designed to protect your feet while providing the proper support. Our line of footwear is available in many styles and colors. We will measure your feet before each purchase to ensure that the shoes you are buying fit well and prevent many foot-related problems.

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Medicare has implemented significant changes and requirements to the diabetic program. In order to fulfill the requirements of these changes, certain documentation is needed to proceed with your care.


  1. Please obtain a copy of your diabetic doctor’s notes from within the last 6 months.
    The easiest way to receive your notes is to contact your diabetic doctor’s nurse or medical records department and request the information. Medicare requires your diabetic doctor to have the title of MD or DO. Medicare does not accept these qualifying notes from a nurse practitioner (NP), physician assistant (PA) or podiatrist (DPM). Great Steps will verify that the appointment occurred within the last 6 months and that the Medicare required information is contained in the notes. If the notes do not meet the requirements, Great Steps will suggest that you see your doctor again so that the required documentation can be included in the new visit notes.
  2. Please obtain a signed copy of the Diabetic Verification Form [form attached below]
    A Diabetic Verification Form must be signed and completed by the MD or DO who is managing your diabetes. This form includes the information that is required in the chart notes. You can give this form to your physician’s office to be completed and signed.
  3. Please obtain a signed copy of the Prescription for Therapeutic Footwear [form attached below]
    A Prescription for Therapeutic Footwear can be signed by your diabetic doctor or by another clinician who is managing the condition of your feet. Medicare allows this form to be signed by an MD, DO, podiatrist (DPM), nurse practitioner (NP), physician assistant (PA) or certified nurse practitioner (CNP). You can give this form to the appropriate office for the signature.
  • Please have the copy of your notes and the completed forms forwarded to Great Steps. You can request to have the information faxed to Great Steps at 320-229-1671 from your doctor’s offices.  You can also obtain the notes and signed forms and mail them to Great Steps or drop them off with Great Steps’ staff.