First Swing Adaptive Golf Clinic

Our First Swing Adaptive Golf Clinic Exceeded Expectations!

On May 21, 2011, Great Steps Orthotic & Prosthetic Solutions of Sartell, and Roll With It, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing sports and recreational opportunities to children and adults with physical disabilities hosted the “First Swing Adaptive Golf Clinic” on the grounds of the St. Cloud VA Health Care System. The First Swing Program was designed to bring golf professionals, healthcare professionals and the physically challenged together to teach, learn (or re-learn) and enjoy golf! Participants are taught the fundamentals of the game, how to use adaptive golf equipment and why golf can be rehabilitative.

A total of 42 individuals ranging in age from 8 to 96 attended the First Swing Adaptive Golf Clinic. This was a tremendous success as clinics such as these typically reign in only a handful of professionals and participants. Thirteen health care professionals went through the “First Swing” training session in the morning and then facilitated the training for the 18 physically disabled participants and their family members in the afternoon.

Participants gained a new found love for the game of golf as they learned how to adapt their game according to their individual physical challenges. Why golf? Golf offers many possibilities to all ages and all potential abilities. It can contribute dramatically to an individual’s emotional and physical well being, instilling self-confidence and pride in personal achievement, and can be a lot of fun! This “First Swing” event in St. Cloud was sponsored by the Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust and the PGA of American Foundation. Instruction was provided by the PGA-recognized National Amputee Golf Association.

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