Endolite – The Adaptive

Going Places? The Adaptive Knee from Endolite is the first microprocessor controlled knee that combines the power and stability of hydraulics with the natural comfort of pneumatics – a true partnership of three technologies that enables the knee to respond to the amputee’s body movements and the terrain for a smoother, more confident performance.

The subtle balance between body power and limb control is what makes the Adaptive different from all other knees. Whether walking at fast or slow speeds; negotiating stairs or ramps; in crowded malls or out on the golf course – the Adaptive Knee gives the amputee the most freedom possible to feel secure enough to get to their destination with confidence.

For added comfort and confidence, the Adaptive Knee allows the amputee to wear any existing foot and/or socket designs and both a standard and a shock & torsion pylon are included with every knee… Get there with the ADAPTIVE.